HANNAKOUGYOU provides wide range field and genre of manufacturing by many suppliers and cooperative companies in Japan and overseas.
Not only the advantage of our rich material procurement route, we also conduct the quality control within our company to correspond our customers request, and furthermore cooperation to reduce costs and improve quality.

HANNAKOGYO are specialized at…

[ Material ] Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, casting, varioustypes of steel, resin, rubber are availableupon processing.
[ Processing ] Machining, milling, lathe, wire cutting and other precision processing are possible.
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[ Inspection ] Every product which completed the process will be inspected within our company before shipment.
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[ Estimation reply ] Basically, estimate and respond immediately.
[ Manufacturing ] Considerating by our domestic and abroad cooperative factories, we will propose the most quickest process to deliver.
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[ Price correspondence ] Propose the optimal price by lot quantity and delivery date.
If the price does not fit, please inform us and we will correspond as much as possiible to your request.

[ Small lot correspondence ] Production, such as prototypes are available from one. Mass-produced products are corresponded by settled quantity.