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Japan & Overseas cooperative factories

Overseas component procurement

HANNAKOGYO aggressively procure precision machined parts, mold parts, jig parts and etc, from our cooperative companies from China, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. Ensuring the request by our customers, all commodity stock will be vertificated again with the inspection of hardness, diamensional tolerance and up untill appearance within our company before shipment.

Advantage of our overseas component procurement

1 We will respond from small amount of lot (1pcs~) to mass production.
The express delivery is available from at least a week minimum. (Depends on the process difficultness)
2 The product will be completed from heat treatment to surface treatment.
In case the process can not be proceeed at local, we will correspond the process in Japan.
3 Product testing by our internal regulation are carried out equivalently to our cooperate companies.
Eventhough in case of an express and direct delivery from abroad to our customers, a consistent quality product are able to provide.
4 Thorough inspection will be conducted in both, before shipment and after arriving in Japan.
In case the local production delays, we will remanufacture the product in Japan along with the express delivery.
Major Material SS400、S45C、S55C、SUM22、SUS304、SUS303、SUS316、SUS440C、 A5052、A6061、A2017、A7075、SCM435、SCM440、SKD-11、NAK55、 HPM-1、SK material、SKH-51、C3604、C1100、SKS3、SPCC、SPHC、various Carbide、various Resin、etc…
Corresponsable Heat treatment Vacuum hardening, induction hardening, the overall quenching, carburizing and quenching, Tufftride, carbonitriding, ion nitriding, titanium coating
Corresponsable Surface treatment Hard chrome plating, electroless nickel plating, Uniqlo plating, black dyed, various anodized aluminum, various types of painting
Measuring instrument 3D measuring instrument, roundness measurment, microscope measuring instrument, image measuring instrument,Linear height gauge, hardness tester (Rockwell, Vickers), material component analyzer, Suraface roughness measuring instrument, various calipers, gauges (number of holdings are different by each company)

Production base

Chaina(Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian)

Introduction of overseas processing equipment

Let us handle any precision processing, Hannakogyo will answer to various needs of our customers.